Here's one we uploaded earlier: Yahoo create digital time capsule


In true Blue Peter style, Yahoo are creating a digital time capsule capturing stories, photos, videos, artwork and poetry, to be sealed and stored at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC and then reopened in 2020 – marking Yahoo’s 25th anniversary.

Items can be submitted under categories such as love, anger, faith, hope, beauty, now, you, past, and sorrow.

Of course the Blue Peter time capsules suffered from real world elements, some of the contents ending up a little worse for wear after their time underground (who didn’t seal the box properly, eh?)

This digital version shouldn’t suffer in the same way, though in 2020 how much of the archive will still be readable? Maybe certain file formats will be so legacy by then they’ll be hard or impossible to open?

We’ll see. It’s an interesting project. Yahoo are also donating $100,000 and asking visitors to vote on how it’s distributed. Whether that’s $100,000 now or in 2020 I’m not sure. Let’s hope no viruses get buried in there.

Visitors have until 8th November to submit material.

Yahoo! Time Capsule

Andy Merrett
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