Will Microsoft pay you for sharing Zune songs?

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Well, not exactly. But rumour has it there’ll be some kind of reward system in place when Microsoft launches its Zune device, to encourage users to share songs with each other via Wi-Fi.

According to the rumour, you won’t be paid in hard cash – although this does raise the prospect of yet more Bill Gates-related chain emails – but instead will be given some kind of ‘credits’ if you share a song with someone, and they go on to purchase it from the Zune store.

If true, this answers one of the key questions that’s been posed since Zune was unveiled: why anyone would burn battery life by leaving their Zune’s Wi-Fi on while out and about. If there’s free songs on offer, that’d persuade me – as long as there were no restrictions on how I could use those credits (“Choose ANY Celine Dion track!”)

(via CrunchGear)

Stuart Dredge
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