Progressive-scan Wii gaming won't be a slog for UK gamers


wii.gifNintendo has confirmed that it’ll be selling component cables for its Wii console through normal retail channels in the UK, rather than making gamers buy them online as they’ll have to in the US when the console launches next month. This should make the progressive-scan-capable cables easier to lay your hands on if you’re pairing Wii with a shiny HDTV, although given that most gamers will be buying their Wii accessories online anyway, the announcement isn’t a huge deal.

Naturally, talking about Wii and HDTV does raise the question of whether using these cables will show up the console’s processing power, compared to the high-def might of rivals Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. But that’s for another post…

(via Eurogamer)

Stuart Dredge
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