What's On TV to launch online UK TV guide, claims uniqueness


tv.pngWhat’s On TV magazine is to launch its own online TV guide and gossip-fest web site in January next year, and claims that it will be the UK’s only website providing a comprehensive, trusted one-stop shop for all the biggest and best soaps and shows on TV.

Hopefully it’s not claiming to be the only all-in-one online guide (I think MyDigiGuide and even ITV would have something to say about that) but instead is hoping to be both convenient (multi-channel listings) and fulfilling (at least for your celeb/actor/soap gossip). It’ll also feature daily previews of shows and a film guide.

I’ve long looked for a decent online TV guide, and dislike most of them. BBC Online is good for listings and information, but only covers BBC programming. I loathe the ITV site, and MyDigiGuide isn’t very attractive and feels very Web 1.0. Sure, the information’s there but it’s not a joy to use.

I live in hope that someone will find an innovative way of displaying large numbers of channels in a sensible way, so that scanning and searching programmes is efficient, fast and customisable.

I’ve a feeling that the new WOT site will be more preoccupied with the gossip and the actual listings could be a let down. Maybe I’ll be surprised and they’ll released a useful, interactive service that’s easy to use. This is the web in the 21st century after all – TV listings shouldn’t be difficult to use.

That’s what would keep me returning to a particular site to find out what’s on TV. I can get my gossip here, here and here.

The site, when it launches, will be at whatsontv.co.uk

Andy Merrett
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