Vroom vroom. It's the VOIP Street Mouse


carmouse.jpgJust as it’s not enough to have simple, ordinary speakers for your iPod, it’s no longer cool to have an ordinary headset and speakers for making your Internet calls. No, you need to have a gadget – and if that doubles up as a mouse as well, so much the better!

And if it’s a novelty mouse, woo-hoo!

The Street Mouse is a car-shaped mouse with built in speakers and microphone. It also has a headphone jack (you plug in to one of the wheels) for a little more privacy. It’s a decent enough mouse too: optical at 800dpi, two buttons and a scroll wheel, and it even has working rear taillights and LED headlights (not that they’re any help to your computer use).

It comes in cherry red or silver and is supplied with some in-ear phones. Plugs into USB. It says it’s PC compatible but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work on your favourite Mac, too.

Available now for £21.95.

Product page

Andy Merrett
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