Vista an excuse for Microsoft price hike, basic version too basic, suggests Acer


Jim Wong, senior corporate vice president of PC manufacturer Acer, has said that the Home Basic version of Microsoft Vista is so basic that users will be forced to move up to at least the Premium version, priced at £189.99, if they’re to get any benefits of the new operating system.

He claims that some of the key features that have been touted as revolutionary about Vista won’t be present in the basic version, including Aero graphics, remote control, and media centre.

And other Vista prices are significantly more expensive than the XP system they’re replacing. Top of the line Windows XP Professional with SP2 is listed at £289.99 (but can be had for £234), whereas Vista Ultimate Edition costs £325.

Is the new functionality worth the price hike? Is that just the price consumers, businesses and PC manufacturers who’ll pre-install the OS on new computers should be prepared to pay?

(Via ZDNet)

Andy Merrett
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One thought on “Vista an excuse for Microsoft price hike, basic version too basic, suggests Acer

  • Seriously… at these prices who is going to buy vista? I like many others enjoy seeing, using and experiencing the new software and gadgets that come out but wake up Microsoft. Dell are able to put HARDWARE out at similar prices to your ultimate edition OS.

    If these prices stick, the only time I’ll be getting my hands on this is when it’s packaged with some new hardware.

    Good luck Microsoft… I think you’re going to need it.

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