Tuesday Top Ten: Most common reactions to Google buying YouTube

Top tens

1. “YouTube would be NOTHING without the videos I made of me lip-synching to Shakira while wearing a nightie and miner’s helmet. Where’s my cut of the cash?”

2. “Darling, we better order that speedboat…” [only applies to three blokes in San Mateo]

3. “So which AdWords do we run next to a clip of a hairy Alabama guy showing his arse, exactly?”

4. “GooTube has a certain ring about it. I should register the domain. Oh, someone has.”

5. “Darling, we should order a speedboat catalogue…” [only applies to executives at every other video-sharing site]

6. “Who’s next then? I heard a rumour that Yahoo / Microsoft / Burger King are going to buy Facebook / Bebo / Dogster for $2bn / $3bn / $10bn [delete or add noughts as appropriate]

7. “Who bought who?”

8. “When can I expect Google to launch its converged GoogleTalkWriteBlogVid application?”

9. “Forget sueing kids. For now, anyway. We’re going to take Google to the cleaners for every unlicensed Kylie video that’s on YouTube…” [only applies to global music megacorps]

10. “Great, YouTube’ll be in beta until 2008 then.”

Stuart Dredge
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