Spoof Cameron vid online gets MPs in a tizz

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politicianyoutube.jpgA spoof video posted online by Labour MP Sion Simon as a mick-take of David Cameron’s first "I’m just like you – doing the washing up and telling my kid to be quiet" YouTube video has caused a bit of consternation amongst MPs on both sides of the House.

Tory MP Peter Luff says the spoof video brings ‘all of us in politics into disrepute’ (you need help?) whilst fellow Labour backbencher Stephen Pound thought Mr Cameron’s wife Samantha would be "hurt and insulted" by some of the references in the video.

Well, having watched the spoof, it’s not completely innocent, but then neither is it worse than a lot of the satirical comedy on TV – and the fact it comes from a politician – well, bless him, he tried.

I was going to link to it, but unfortunately it’s been removed from YouTube. Self-censorship. Shame.

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