Scotland Yard warn of massive hacker attack on UK


Scotland Yard have today issued an urgent warning that the UK is under a huge, sustained attack from hackers. They say that thousands of PCs in homes have been targeted by US-based computers in a bid to steal personal information.

Officers have so far identified 2300 computers infected by the virus that they’re publicly calling calling a ‘backdoor’. They’re saying that unprotected PCs on the Net are being bombarded by unauthorised access attempts up to 50 times an hour.

It’s quite unusual for the police to get involved, though quite what they’re going to do on their own I’m not sure. It needs greater effort from the ISPs to block these kind of attempts at source, as well as consumers being educated as to how to keep their PCs safe online.

These attacks have been increasing since July, and though news of virus attacks is far from uncommon these days, the scale of bombardment is staggering.

(Via This Is Money)

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