Schoolboy humour courtesy of stock spammers: the exploding ARSS


Thanks to The Register (who else) for this gem of schoolboy toilet humour courtesy of those annoying stock spammers we’re all too painfully aware of:

There’s too many jokes in there, of varying degrees of puerility. They write themselves:

“Get ARSS First thing Monday” – yep, just what’s needed first thing on a Monday…

“Put ARSS on your radar’s now” – it must be big.

“Take advantage of the current price on ARSS, we expect to see it begin climbing Monday Morning”. Yep, it’s pricey too.

“If you’ve been alive over the past few years…” Erm, well there was the summer of 2004 that I’m not quite sure about.

Just one more thing – why the hell would you want to invest in a company in the oil and gas industry that’s about to explode? Huh?

Sometimes it really is worth hanging on to your spam mail for the sheer entertainment value.


Andy Merrett
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