One For All Kameleon Generation III home theatre control – now with added home lighting control


oneforall_kameleon.jpgOne For All are true to their word with their new Kameleon Generation III home theatre control. Yes, it will control all your home cinema, but it’ll also control the lighting in your home too!

In fact, it’s the only universal remote control on the market to include light controls – it can switch and dim up to 256 lights if you fancy creating a bit of a ‘mood’ in the room while you wantch your movie. That’s a bonus, the main business is home theatre and it can control all of that kit, including TV, DVD, Sat cable, freeview and amplifier. It’s also programmable, so you can use a ‘one button’ function to switch off your stereo, turn on your DVD, boost your surround sound or dim the lights when the movie starts.

It’s also slim, ergonomic and pretty solid in an aluminium casing. Prices vary, depending how many devices you want to control, but start at £69.99

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