Novogo launches stylish S Series sat nav system

Satellite Navigation systems

Novogo is chasing the style market with its latest sat nav device – the S Series – which is also the smallest device the company has so far produced.

The Novogo S Series’ style aspect comes from the several face plates to match your car interior. And if you’re in any doubt that this is being marketed at women, the company points out its small size (115 x 81 x 34mm) will fit easily into a handbag. But now for the real reasons you buy a GPS unit – there’s a 5-inch anti-glare LCD touch screen, Bluetooth (optional) and a SIRF Star lll 20 channel GPS receiver which improves reception in areas where there’s a weak signal, bad weather or towering buildings – all of which could affect your positioning. There’s als a 2 watt speaker – the volume of which will increase as the car speeds up and decrease as it slows down. Very clever.

Also included are 3D maps for the whole of Western Europe, 19 language settings, advanced zoom so you can see your exact position from space (just in case E.T. is driving), detailed points of interest, real time TMC (Traffic Message Channel) updates, so you can recalculate routes to avoid any traffic jams or accidents, along with speed limit restrictions on the screen.

There’s 64MB of internal memory, with support for up to 2GB. Prices depend on specification – the S700 with Western Europe maps pre-installed on an SD card sells for 399 Euros, the S700BT with Western Europe map pre-installed on an SD card and Bluetooth calling retails at 499 Euros, with the S900BT offering the same plus a RDS/TMC traffic receiver for 599 Euros.

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