Naughty, rude programmers: Bad words found in code thanks to Google


The Register has been doing the modern-day equivalent of the schoolboy looking up rude words in the new dictionary, by using Google Code to search for programmers using less than tasteful language in their code comments.

For the sake of decency, I’ll use judicious quantities of asterisks from now on, but you can read the examples in all their glory over at The Register – or search for yourself.

First up is Apple (allegedly) who’s code included a comment "// Register the f***ing window class."

Next came some JavaScript written by someone who obviously hates Internet Explorer (like that narrows it down): "// f***ing IE"

Sun decided that they knew the user a little too well: "/* The user is a w***er */"

And finally, some poor programmer who seems to have had enough of the whole thing. Never mind… "// I really give up on this b****cks, I really do. MAME says do this. <sigh>"

Ahhh, poor guy.

One of the less useful, but far funnier, uses of Google Code search. Now go forth and, err, find your own. Not at work, though.

Read (probably NSFW)

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