Masked Blogger: an Apple insider anonymously blogging?

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How about an undercover Apple blogger as good bait for a future ’employee-sacks-blogger’ story?

Take one uber-secretive company, the ongoing saga of the perils of blogging at or about work, and someone who claims to be working for Apple (and in the UK at that) and all the ingredients are there.

Whilst I wouldn’t normally link to a blog that has only two entries, one of which perhaps focuses a little too much on Sainsbury’s, this “Masked Blogger” has already created a bit of a buzz on the web.

Thieir opening post reads simply: My first … and test post! Stay tuned for an explanation on the anonymity. It’s a genuine attempt to join and advance the conversation … to effect positive change without jeopardising my livelihood. More shortly …..”

Unfortunately the second post suggests that he (or she) may not be very good at anonymity as he/she might like to think. As far as I’m aware, Sainsbury’s is only really a prevalent store in the UK – which begins to imply (as commenters have picked up already) that the blogger lives in the UK and works in retail.

How the story develops, whether this is a genuine Apple employee, and at what level, remains to be seen. At this stage, it could be a big publicity stunt (it’s working) by, well, anyone, or it could be a junior at an Apple Store who may not get much inside information anyway. If it is genuine, this person would be advised to be very careful, if they value keeping their job. We’ve seen the wrath of Apple on other Apple spoilers.

What do you reckon? Hype? Foolish?

The Masked Blogger

Andy Merrett
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