"La Petite Anglaise" blogger fired: savvy or silly?


You’ve probably heard about the latest victim of personal blogging: Catherine Sanderson (well we know that now) whose "La Petite Anglaise" blog had a large online following, yet ultimately cost her a job.

Though she didn’t mention huge amounts of personal information, she did post her own picture, so it wouldn’t (and indeed didn’t) take too much to work out who she was, and who her employers were.

Sanderson says she was dismissed for ‘gross misconduct’ because she brought the company into disrepute by association, and also because she spent work time updating her site.

She’s not the first, and she probably won’t be the last. Though work
policies may still seem suitably vague about blogging itself, there’s
usually some legalese about use of computer systems, the Internet, use of company information, and
of personal conduct.

Could she have stayed completely anonymous? Hard to say, though nothing
done online is completely anonymous. You’ll either blog something
that’s traceable, or some IT bod somewhere could work out who you are
from fun stuff like IP addresses and the like.

So, was Ms Sanderson web savvy, providing an entertaining look at her
work, or silly? Should she have known that it was all likely to go
wrong at some point?

Do you blog about or at work? How far would you go? Or is it a definite no-no?

Anyone booked a Pan-Am flight recently?


Andy Merrett
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