Gestalt: Online inkblot game could boost creativity


Getty Images has put a game online called ‘Gestalt’ which has been designed to boost creativity by revealing pictures based on Rorschach inkblot therapy. Not only that but there’s a chance to win a daily $1000 or some fantasy experiences including attending New York Fashion Week, Formula 1 racing in Monaco, or visiting the Galapagos Islands.

Getty Images provide royalty free imagery, and it’s those images that are used in the virtual therapist’s office. I took a look, had a go, and failed miserably. Maybe I’m just not looking creatively enough at the images.

Robert Gubas, Vice President, said “Our customers typically view imagery from a practical perspective as a means of communicating with their audiences. Gestalt offers them a rare opportunity to view imagery from a personal perspective as it takes shape in front of their eyes on the computer screen, or perhaps on the Tanzanian plains or one of the other fantasy experience destinations.”

Well, whether or not you win a prize, it’s quite a novel use of the net. Yes, of course it’s pushing their extensive image collection as well, but that’s OK – they’ve created something a bit quirky and light-hearted (who knows it might even boost your creativity, too). Great for the last hour at work on a Friday, anyway.

Gestalt from Getty Images (via Digit)

Andy Merrett
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