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Bose has updated its Acoustic Wave system with the release of system II which it claims brings music even closer the sound of a live performance. The original won awards for being a breakthrough in audio reproduction, and this new model improves on the sound and functionality that Bose says makes it unique to the industry.

The Acoustic Wave system II is based on Dr Amar G Bose’s waveguide speaker technology, but the 2.3 meter long waveguide folded inside is now combined with the latest Bose advancements in signal processing.

The system boasts clearer and more accurate reproduction of musical instruments and more natural human voice, even at higher volumes or outside.

The CD player plays back both audio and MP3 CDs, displaying track information when available. There’s also an FM/AM radio tuner, and an audio input jack for connecting other equipment. The backlit remote control has powerful IR emitters so doesn’t have to be pointed directly at the system. An optional 5-CD changer module can be added to the system. It runs from AC power or via optional power case and battery pack.

It comes in platinum white or graphite grey and will cost £885 for the system, £299 for the CD changer, and £35 for the remote (shame it’s not bundled at this price). Available from their Regent Street store or direct from their website.


Andy Merrett
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  • i purchased 2 bose one be just the radio and the other 4cd changer with radio now thay have offered a deal to me of buy one dab unit to be atteched to the radios at 99.99plus pp each as in october they are on gengeral sale for 149.99 plus pp

  • I own a Bose Acoustic Wave Music System I, and it’s magnificent. (It wasn’t designated as “I” then (3+ years ago), but since they’ve gone to “II”, I’m assuming it’s okay to refer to mine as above.) For a friend I contacted a Bose technician. Of course, he praised the sound. My purpose here is to note that when I asked what the improvements were, it sounded like the only significant one was the inclusion of, yes, DAB (if that means Digital Audio Broadcasting.) I should note that I only listen to music and not Rock of any kind. If the preference is for something merely “visceral”, Bose is not for you. When I asked about Rock, the Bose techie said it puts out only what’s on the recording. Sounds reasonable to me, but then Rock is hardly for the reasonable.

  • Why on Earth doesn’t it have DAB, still!?!?

    Bose actually sent me an advert for a radio without DAB calling it “the future of sound”, I called them and said “er no, it’s the past of sound”.

    They even tried to offer me a rubbish MATSUI add on DAB tuner, as if I’d want to let such a thing anywhere near respectable quality design!


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