Friday Fun: Typewriter keyboard meets laptop meets dodgy Google Japanese-English translation


It’s Friday. It’s Friday 13th, in fact, and so I feel it’s quite appropriate that the web page I’ve just found (courtesy of Digg) is just one of those that makes you wonder "what the hell?" (or words to that effect). Laugh. Cry. You decide.

I thought I’d share with you the joys of a bizarre technological concoction, twinned with the less-than-perfect Google translation from Japanese into English. Yes, it’s banal. Stick with me…

Firstly, the page seems to be describing how someone with way too much time on their hands married an old typewriter keyboard with an LCD screen and various ports (USB and so on). Apparently it actually works. Boing Boing had a go at describing it, and the original page is here, but by far the most fun is by reading Google’s translation, which includes such gems as:

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