Freeundelete Recovery Utility, Freeware

Propellerhead Top Tip

Sooner or later it will happen to you and you will delete a file, intentionally or by accident, then some time regret it. You might be lucky and it will still be in the Recycle Bin, but most of the time it’s gone to digital heaven and there’s no way of getting it back, or is there?

As you may know when you delete a file in Windows all that happens is its directory entry is erased and the space the file occupies on the hard drive is marked as free. Until they are overwritten — and that could be hours, days or weeks afterwards — deleted files can often be recovered and one easy way to do that is to use this little freeware utility unearthed by Propellerhead. It’s called Freeundelete.

Set it to scan your PC and it will tell you quickly what has been deleted and what the chances are of recovery. It’s easy to use and very safe, so keep it handy, for the next time you do something you might regret… There’s scores of great freeware links and more PC tips than you can shake a stick at PCTopTips, so why not pop over and have a look?

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