Free Skype UK to UK landline calls for next 6 months…


talkforbritain.jpgSkype is offering its UK subscribers free calls to UK landlines for the next six months, provided they buy a minimum of £10 Skype Credit.

Yes, not totally free, is it, but still sounds like a decent deal if you already use Skype credit for international calls, SMS or personalisation.

Effectively the deal is “unlimited calls to UK landlines for the next 6 months for £1.66 per month, which if you phone a lot of people is pretty good value.

You can claim your free calls any time until 31st December 2006, so you can wait and get your half year of free calls in 2007 if you like.

No doubt Skype will be hoping that you’ll become hooked on calling all your non-Skype friends on their old-fashioned telephones and will carry on paying for the privilege once your free trial ends.

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Andy Merrett
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