DigiMemo A402 digitally captures your inky scribbles and recognises your handwriting



Here’s another scanning solution for those of you who like using good old pen and paper for taking your notes and drawing diagrams, but would like an immediate way of capturing them digitally for later editing on your PC.

The DigiMemo A402 is a special pen and board that will capture everything you write in ink in its memory for later transfer to your PC via USB.

It has a built-in 32MB memory which can hold 160 pages of information, and can also use an optional CF card to store up to 999 pages. Its low power consumption allows it to last for over 100 hours of continuous use. Pages can be easily added and deleted on the device. The accompanying software allows viewing, editing and organisation of pages, plus optional handwriting recognition to translate your scribbles into plain text.

Utilizing the electromagnetic technology, it lets you put any ordinary papers on the pad and use the inking pen to write directly on papers. Even the thickness of papers laid on the pad is 12mm; your handwritten notes can still be captured and stored in the memory of DigiMemo.

It costs just £110 from Selwyn Electronnics. Batteries, pens and paper is available from normal stationery stores.

Selwyn Electronics web page

Andy Merrett
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