DocuPen RC800 promises fast, full-page colour scanning

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There are plenty of options for scanning content at your PC but the options become trickier when you’re on the move and want to scan a number of pages into a machine-readable format.

Enter the DocuPen RC800, a handheld scanning pen that’s as wide as an A4 piece of paper is, and claims to be able to scan an A4 page in full 24-bit colour in 4 seconds. Yes, I know it depends on how quickly you move it down the page, but having used late 90s handheld scanners, that is quite impressive – in fact it’s faster than some flatbed scanners.

The RC800 has an electronic eye that runs nearly the whole length of its 8.9-inch body. Rollers above and below the RC800’s scanning element make it easy to sweep smoothly from top to bottom while keeping the scanner parallel with the top edge of the page.

It has a built-in lithium-ion battery which will last for around 40 full-colour captures or many more monochrome scans. It will capture from 100 to 400dpi resolution, with a memory expandable up to 1GB using TransFlash cards.

It comes with PaperPort software for transferring scans to your PC.

It’s available now for around £210.

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Andy Merrett
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