Apple see (PRODUCT) RED as 'good cause' iPod nano launches

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ipodnanored_1.jpgApple have launched their latest iPod nano today, and this time it’ll actually do some good to more than just Apple and your ears. Apple have joined the list of companies providing products and donating a portion of the profits their sale to the (PRODUCT) RED fund, designed to help eliminate AIDS in Africa.

Last time they released an iPod with this shade of red on it (albeit just on the scroll wheel) product it was the U2 Special Edition. Well, the U2 connection is still there – you don’t get their music installed on it but Bono founded the (RED) project to raise money for the Global Fund.

Apart from its red colour, the Nano itself is a standard 4GB second-generation affair, so we won’t go into the specifications again. Of course what you’re supposed to do is to buy it and get a warm glow knowing that some money has gone towards a good and important cause…

How much money?

Well that’s where we’re not entirely sure. In the US, buying your $199 (iPod nano) RED will cause Apple to give $10 of that purchase price to the charity. However, looking on the equivalent UK page Apple will give "a portion of the purchase price".

What, are exchange rates too unstable at present? Comparing purchase prices ($199 to £129), Apple should give approximately £6.48 for each player sold in the UK, regardless of exchange rate or anything else. Maybe that odd amount would’ve looked a bit weird on the spec sheet – why not make it a round £6.50? or £7. Heck, make it a tenner!

Now we know companies get a certain feelgood factor by getting involved in acts Corporate Social Responsibility. I’m not knocking the giving – any is better than none – but if you’re not over keen on the redness of it and you’d like to keep your giving private (like Mr Jobs, perhaps?) why not buy an ordinary nano and give separately to a charity of your choice? It’ll cost you more but you’ll feel really good. And you won’t have a bright red (steal me) music player either.

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