Acoustic Energy and Orange launch Orange-branded Bluetooth speaker system

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So, you’ve got a Bluetooth-enabled phone full of tunes and you want to listen to them in the living room. What do you do? Well, Orange hope you’ll go out and buy their stereo Bluetooth loudspeaker system.

The Orange-branded (and Acoustic Energy-made) stereo Bluetooth speaker system uses Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) technology for wireless wide bandwidth stereo over distances of up to 10m, which can then be played back through the 20w amplifier. It’s plug and play – as long as you have a compatible phone, PDA, PC or MP3 player. Just select a track or playlist, press play and the Bluetooth loudspeaker system blast out your tune. For improved stereo, the stereo mini-monitor loudspeakers can be detached from the Bluetooth receiver/amplifier unit and separated by up to 2m. And if you haven’t got Bluetooth, you can plug your device into the speaker system.

The Orange Bluetooth wireless loudspeaker system will go on sale this month at selected Orange shops at around £89.99.

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One thought on “Acoustic Energy and Orange launch Orange-branded Bluetooth speaker system

  • I have got a set of these and they are awesome! all i had to do was pair them with my mobile (and laptop) and thats it, my music now plays through them. Because my laptop has bluetooth i can use them with that as well….

    I got mine for £34.99 from a Orange shop. You cant go wrong for the price and they sound great.

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