UTStarcom launches F3000 portable Wi-Fi handset


UTStarcom has launched the F3000 – a Wi-Fi handset that gives you the benefits of VoIP without having to hang around your PC.

The clamshell handset, which is available in both black and gold, looks quite stylish and features a 1.8-inch screen, polyphonic ringtones, text messaging capability, call waiting, three-way calling and a talk time of up to three hours (with standby of 75 hours). It supports a range of voice protocols, including SIP, SDP, RTP/RTCP and RFC 2833/inband DTMF and operates at Wi-Fi 802.11b/g 2.4GHz, supporting Wi-Fi security WEP64/128 and WPA. There’s also a selection of languages, including English, French, Spanish and Chinese.

The phone also features an Auto-Search capability, allowing you to locate Wi-Fi networks within range and store these profiles for later use.

As yet, there’s no price or availability details – we’ll keep you posted.

Product page

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Dave Walker
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  • I actually purchased one of these f3000. I was surprised to discover hos many bugs there is in its software (running on vxworks by the way). The phone freezes often when receiving calls!. You can get a rid of that if you upgrade the firmware but for that you have to go to personal website of other ppl who purchased the same product and truying to help others who did ( Of course this soesnt eliminate all the bugs) Because the company does’nt gve any kind of support (but offering a forum where ppl help each other). There is ridiculous bugs like : the phone decides what ring tone to play for the contacts you have saved in your registry. No way to change taht. Worse than that the engine cas decide to vibrate only or not ring at all.
    In the menu there is a lot of options not working (not yet! waiting for the compagny to complete its work) and others not explained at all. For example you can choose the ringtones from two sets : local one and downloaded ones but there is no way to download any ring file.
    I must say I am very desppointed. I still cant beleive they commertialise such product with a so bad software.
    My advice to ppl interested in wifi voip : dont buy this product its a mess.

  • hi there. nice piece of kit. if it was a mobile too, i would have bought it. hope they become dirt cheap so that everyone can make free wifi calls.

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