Sarian launches HR4110 – the world's first fully integrated HSDPA router

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Sarian has launched the world’s first router compatible with High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA or super 3G). The Sarian HR4110 HSDPA router is designed to support what they describe as "mission-critical communications" within businesses, as well as being a back up unit for companies with fixed broadband connections.

As well as offering HSDPA coverage, the HR4110 will automatically search for 3G or other mobile networks in areas without HSDPA to keep you online. There’s also dual SIM card slots for switching to a back up network in the event of the primary connection becomign unavailable. And in terms of security, it’s built on Sarian’s own operating system, SAR/OS – which the manufacturer claims has no known exploits.

According to Andy Hood, managing director of Sarian Systems: "The speed and reliability of HSDPA make it ideal for mobile business applications such as live video surveillance, VoIP and telemetry, or even as a back-up for the company broadband. The HR4110 is designed to help businesses harness these features and keep key business applications running smoothly in environments where network failures or coverage issues are unacceptable."

The HR4110 is available to order now direct from Sarian. Contact the company for price and further details.

Sarian website

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