T-Mobile offers TrafficTV real-time traffic information to BlackBerry users

Mobile phones, PDAs

Stuck in a jam? Not sure if your route is going to be congested? You can now find out for sure by checking your BlackBerry, with T-Mobile offering the TrafficTV mobile application exclusively on those devices.

TrafficTV combines Trafficmaster Traffic information with live CCTV pictures. Install it on your BlackBerry for a full interactive map of the UK and live 24 x 7 access to Trafficmaster’ traffic information and over 500 CCTV pictures. Trafficmaster has sensors on over 8,000 miles of motorway and trunk roads in the UK, flagging up delays as they happen. And if you want to see it for yourself, you can reference CCTV camera images in real time.

Contact T-Mobile for exact costs, which they claim start from around 10p per day.

T-Mobile website

Dave Walker
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