Marantz VP-1151 high-def projector

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Marantz have launched a feature-rich high-definition projector in their VP-1151, and done it all for under ten grand. It also looks pretty good, and just a little different to other offerings out there.

It can display the holy grail of 1080p HD content, and the image can be up to seven metres diagonally and still be pin sharp. That’s big, if you’ve got the wall to show it on. It has a contrast ratio of 6500:1 and a brightness of 700 lumens, and can generate over 68 billion colours.

It’s based on the latest DLP 0,95” 1080p single DMD chip from Texas Instruments, has a 10-bit professional Gennum GF9351 Video Exellence Processing (VXP) chipset designed specifically for the projector, plus CEC (Chroma Error Compensation) for sharp edges, and a seven segment colour wheel with neutral density (ND) filter.

Connections-wise, there are two HDMI inputs, plus HD-ready component inputs. There’s a remote handset with backlight. The projector has a noise-reducing aluminium chassis which almost eliminates fan noise.

What’s also impressive is the price tag – ten pence short of £10,000 is very good going for a 1080p projector at the moment. If you’re serious about HD projection, this could be a contender.

It’s available now from Marantz (Product page)

Andy Merrett
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