Royal Mail gets hi-tech with DIY printable stamps


The Royal Mail has launched itself into the 21st century (or is that the 20th?) and is offering customers the opportunity to buy stamps online and print them out at home. Now, these aren’t your fancy collectable stamps and if you’re looking forward to designing your own Christmas stamps a la “Blue Peter” style you’ll be disappointed – strictly bar codes here.

Nevertheless, it does offer home workers and anyone else who wants to use their own ink and paper but avoid those yucky lunchtime PO queues an alternative. Unfortunately, you’ll have to provide your own tape measure and scales to ensure you put the correct postage on since the myriad of new ‘size and weight’ fees came in.

They’ve even managed to make it sound uber-cool by saying that people who sell stuff on eBay will benefit – though a cynical friend said that they thought the Post Office introduced the new pricing because of the eBay generation.

Fancy printing your own stamps at home? The service works on both PC and Mac.

Royal Mail “Print Your Postage”

Andy Merrett
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