PS3 delayed, expected March


Sony has some more bad news for European PlayStation fans – the PS3 is not going to make its November 17th release date and will instead only be reaching shelves in March 2007. The reason for this is due to a shortage of essential blue laser diodes needed to manufacture both Blu-ray and HD DVD players. The PS3 is of course banking heavily on its integrated Blu-ray player and High Definition capabilities.

Launch dates for Japan and North America will remain the same, which are November 11th and November 17th respectively.

In spite of this delay Sony remains confident of its target to ship six million units by the end of 2007, but missing the Xmas market in Europe is going to be another sore blow for the PS3 and a another victory for the Xbox 360.

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  • I agree with the above about the silly blu ray, Sony should have got rid of it, makes me laugh can’t buy a Wii for love nor money but can buy a PS3 easy (apart from the stupid price of course).

  • The HD war is already lost – Blur-ray gets poor reviews, expensive machines compared to the superior HD-DVD

  • you know i have to laugh at all of you complaining, i understand yeah, it sucks, but you have to think about how often europe gets so many different things before anyone else (stateside anyway)… furthermore, a fraction of the hassle is involved in the event you want to import something from japan or otherwise, and yeah, yet again, it may suck, but you can always import one from over here, if not, well just wait, we’ve all had to so far, a little longer isnt going to kill anyone… cept maybe sony.

  • “BWAHAHAHAHA. So sony lied again when they said global launch.”

    They weren’t lying, they are trying a brilliant new marketing scheme, it’s called ‘global launch to those two places in the world we actually give a flying f*ck about.

    I’m so pissed off I might just go and buy a second Xbox 360.

  • Oh bloomin heck Sony, I was quite looking forward to the PS3 in November. Got my monies saved up and everything.(and a big plasma to play it on)

    Oh well.. an Xbox 360 for now will just have to do!


  • BWAHAHAHAHA. So sony lied again when they said global launch.

    Oh brilliant, Sony love screwing Europe we’re already going to have a ridiculous conversion rate on the console so that we’ll be paying more than either the Japanese or Americans but now we can’t even have it at the same time.

    I think us Europeans should revolt against sony lets just not buy the overpriced ps3 they don’t even respect us enough to make sure we get the console at launch.

  • Dammit, that’s my day ruined then.

    If someone else doesn’t get a Blu-ray player out here soon though, Sony might have just lost itself the console war AND the HD war – smooth.

    Isn’t it fun being third class technology citizens?

  • …and I thought they were also pinning hopes on the PS3 being the first Blu-Ray player. We’ll have media and nothing to play it on. Hopefully HD-DVD players will ship on time.

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