MP3 Hit Recorder 2 – download tracks from internet radio to your PC

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In what seems like the modern day equivalent of hovering near the record button to tape your favourite song off the radio, X-oom has launched MP3 Hit Recorder 2 – which does much the same thing, but automated and from internet radio.

MP3 Hit Recorder 2 allows you to access 8000 internet radio stations, record up to 20 radio streams and download up to 90 minutes of music at a time from a predetermined list of artists or genres. And according to the company, it’s all legal (but don’t take my word on that). After that, you can transfer it all to your portable player of choice. New features include a ‘Pre-save’ recording function, so you can record a whole song if you happen to have started the recording mid-way through a favourite track, there’s a choice of saved formats (MP3, WMA, WAV or Ogg-Vorbis) and a podcast management function to manage and subscribe to podcasts as well as copy them to their mobile device.

It’s available now for around £14.99.

X-oom website

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