Epson launches P3000 and P5000 multimedia storage viewers


Following on from yesterday’s Canon media viewers, Epson has launched similar products for accessing a wide range of media – the P3000 and P5000 multimedia storage viewers.

The P3000 features a 4-inch LCD screen and is the first multimedia storage viewer on the market to incorporate a four-colour filter system for ultra-sharp images. Standard LCD technology uses red, green and blue (RGB) filters, Epson’s  screen uses red, blue, emerald green and yellow green, which enables colours to be reproduced at a more natural level. There’s 40GB of storage, enough for 2,300 files in RAW format. However, you can also store JPEGs and audio/video files with playback, including MP3, AAC and WMA audio, along with DiVX, MPEG 1/2/4, AVC, WMV9 video. There’s a long battery life, password protection, along with USB and Compact Flash/SD slots. Out in October, it should retails for £349.99.

The P5000 is a slightly higher specification, still featuring the 4-inch screen, four-colour filter system, music and video storage and playback, long battery life and two memory card slots, but increasing the capacity to 80GB (up to 4,500 files in RAW format). In addition, the  P-5000 enables photographers to check all the metadata stored including exposure, colour and composition of images – so if you’ve captured the perfect photo, you can easily review its precise settings to replicate it. There’s also a zoom function of up to 400%, so you can view images in the greatest of detail.

The P5000 will retail for £499.99 when it hits the stores in October.

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