Miglia's Dialog Skype phone


Yet another Skype phone and another wireless model. The Miglia Dialog phone dopes away with the wires, but also does away with some of the extras we’ve come to expect.

One big plus point is that this phone is both PC and Mac friendly (which is good for someone like me who bounces between the two machines and is not keen on buying two sets of kit). And it’s wire-free, connecting to the PC with the aid of a small USB transmitter – but that does mean your PC has to be on to use it.

Where it perhaps falls down is in the handset’s features. Not much of an interface, no LCD screen, with just a call button and volume control. You can scroll through your contacts, but you’ll need your PC screen to view the action. Still, if you just want a basic handset without a wire to fall over, this could be worth a look.

Available now, priced at £50.

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Dave Walker
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