aql offers free mobile Wi-Fi calling with Nokia smartphones


It’s not a good day for mobile operators. First we had free calls via Bluetooth for mobiles from ROK, now we have free mobile calls via Wi-Fi, courtesy of aql.

Sadly, this is limited to Nokia’s E-series phones right now (E60, E61, E70) – but if you have one of those, you can sample free peer-to-peer wi-fi calling over aql’s mobile VoIP network.  To connect to aql, you need to text ‘nokia’ to 64446 – your phone will then be configured remotely (no downloads). The outbound caller ID across Wi-Fi is also the same as your existing mobile number.

If the other person doesn’t have the service (or you want to call landlines), calls are cheaper – see the website for details. Whether this is permanently free seems open to question – the company does talk about a "free offer" rather than a free sevice, so it might not last forever. But while it does, could be worth a try.

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One thought on “aql offers free mobile Wi-Fi calling with Nokia smartphones

  • The thing to watch with any VOIP over mobile solution is the data useage. Unless you are on a cheap data tariff this can be pretty pricey – and you can be sure the mobile operators are setting data tariffs at a level that avoids VOIP operators undercutting them.

    Also watch out for T&C, the T-Mobile unlimited web-n-walk data tariff might look attractive for this but they have given themselves the right to cut off anyone who uses that data for VOIP.

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