IFA 2006: More Philips amBX details

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It looks like PhilipsamBX vision for gamers doesn’t solely consist of an Ambilight monitor. Instead, a whole range of accessories will be launching over the course of next year aimed at extending the immersive aspects of gaming. Philips explains that this will consist of the following:

  • A series of LED based multi-colour lights that engage the eyes and increase realism
  • A powerful 2.1 speaker sound system providing booming audio that gives authenticity to the rumble of thunder or the blast of a gunshot
  • Several fans that bathe gamers in air movement and wind effects
  • A vibration unit that conveys the action and excitement completely in sync with the game situation

Ambilight technology is still the real selling point here; vibration functions have been around for a while (and in the case of Sony, they’ve gone again). I can’t say I’m too sold on the idea of fans blowing at me while I’m gaming – I think my PC produces quite enough fan noise and heat already.

The first game to get the amBX treatment will be Broken Sword: Angel of Death form THQ. Philips has been working closely with THQ to provide the resources and technology to develop the game alongside the new technology.

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One thought on “IFA 2006: More Philips amBX details

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