Grab yourself a Big Loo robot on eBay

eBay goodies from Bayraider, Robots

And no, that’s not a cyborg that helps wipe your bum. The boffins haven’t invented that yet. Instead, it’s a quirky robot found on eBay by Bayraider. He’s mostly green, a bit battered, and clearly didn’t clean his teeth properly during his boyhood (bothood?) years, as there’s plenty of gaps. Still, he has got his original box, which given he was made in the early 1960s is some achievement.

Today’s other crop of cool items on Bayraider includes a Meat Loaf mirror, a Hellraiser-themed edition of Monopoly, and a cuddly alligator toy formerly owned by Her Out Of The Divinyls. You remember, she sang about touching herself. Hopefully not with the alligator.

Stuart Dredge
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