Gillette’s five, nope six blade Fusion


Big nods to our sponsors Gillette, who as you probably know have launched the world’s first six blade razor. We haven’t actually seen one yet, but the PR guys have been banging on about the technology.

Apparently five blades are squeezed very close together on the head – much closer than on previous Gillette razors – which ultimately makes for a
more comfortable shave. There’s also a bonus blade on the back which is designed for those technicians who like to chip away at their facial hair to create artistic masterpieces.

Gillette also claims to have improved the design by integrating a more
ergonomically designed handle, improving the pivot, (so you don’t take huge chunks out of your face) and enhancing the lubrastrip. The battery powered versions of the Fusion even has a new micro chip that optimises the voltage to deliver a smooth power output which Gillette claims delivers a more consistent shave. 

They say it is the most
comfortable shave ever too.
The girls are already very interested to know if you can use it on other parts of the body too. Anyhow we’ll delve more into the technology next week.


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