Get a firm steer with your own mechanical bull on eBay

eBay goodies from Bayraider, Gadgets

I’ve never been to one of those bars where you drink your own bodyweight in Tequila before clambering onto a mechanised bull and hanging on for dear life, to impress the many foxy women in cowgirl hats who’d gather round. But you can tell I’ve put some thought into it.

However, the bar part might not be necessary. Bayraider has found a big mechanical bull for sale on eBay, which comes with fully-working controls and inflatable landing pad. All you have to supply is the Tequila and ladies (or big-moustached cowboys, according to taste).

Also today on Bayraider: a new Audrey Hepburn biography that’s going for over $3,000, mainly because it has a nice pink cover that won’t be on the American version. And a complete Paris Hilton outfit of dress, boots and handbag. Wouldn’t be very comfortable when riding a bull, mind.

Stuart Dredge
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