Denon introduce high-end upscaling DVD-3930


Denon has released its DVD-3930 DVD player which will catapult your old DVDs into the mid-21st century with 1080p upscaling to ‘Near-HD’ quality.

It features Relata DVD Processing and $60,000 worth of Silicon Optix ‘Teranex’ HQV technology, reference-class 1080p scaling, advanced architecture and heavyweight audiophile construction. Well, it’d better have a lot of quality features at the price.

It claims features exclusive to Denon such as Pixel Image Correction and advanced AL24 Plus digital audio processing. It also has an eye-popping amount of audio power

It’s heavily constructed to reduce vibrations, features Realta video functions including cleaning, de-noising and sharpening, has pixel-matched HDMI outputs, 14bit 216Mhz Video DACs, full 10-bit video processing, and a keystone function which is supposed to be a world first in a DVD player.

As always with Denon, the spec sheet runs into 2 A4 pages of fine print, with a third page explaining Hollywood Quality Video (HQV) which we’ve mentioned before at HDTVUK, so there are plenty of other specs I could mention, but space and sense dictate that I simply tell you that this is serious kit with a serious price tag: £1099.99. If you’re fanatical about your existing DVD collection in an increasingly high-def age, this could be for you.

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Andy Merrett
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