Web at 15: Top 5 coolest websites


Today’s Web at 15 is quite a tough one: cool web sites. I’ve had a go – feel free to add your own in the comments.

5. The Onion

Plenty of satire and grown-up humour well worth the time spent in a busy web-surfing schedule.

4. How Stuff Works

A mega site covering… well, how stuff works.

3. Lifehacker

Lots of useful information about being more effective, and living life
particularly in the presence of computers and other technology. Worth a
regular glance.

2. Yahoo! Games

Well, I thought it was cool. It was the first set of online games I
really spent any time in, and once you get past the myriad of teens
hurling abuse at each other or selling pool cheats, it’s quite a decent
place to hang out.

1. Internet Movie Database

A great resource that actually includes a very decent amount of UK film
and TV information. I’ve often looked up information about a TV
programme or actor, and then become immersed following what else
they’ve starred in and who with.

What web sites do you think are super cool?

Andy Merrett
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