Apple Rumour of the Day: 120Gb iPod

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The Rumour: 120Gb iPod by January 2007

I’ve not checked to see if this one is doing the rounds or not, but I’m inclined to believe that a 120 gig iPod could be on the horizon, arriving by January 2007.

What makes me say that? The news today that Seagate will have 120Gb ‘iPod-ready’ hard disc drives available from December.

There’s no guarantee that iPods will use the higher-capacity drives, or that other manufacturers won’t, but it probably wouldn’t be a huge manufacturing feat to create an iPod with the bigger capacity – and just think of the enhanced video possibilities with that amount of storage – that outdoes many PVRs. Hmm, there’s a thought – or is that another rumour? 🙂

Rumour Rating:

Given everyone’s need for more storage, and how easy this one seems (at least, to the outsider) I’d say this is pretty likely for a next-generation video iPod. After all, people are going to need space for all these new films and TV shows they can download from iTunes.

I’ll give it 90%. What do you think?

Andy Merrett
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