Video Cards Get Serious, on the Outside…


Internal video adaptor cards have been part of the PC spec since day one and they’ve been steadily evolving over the past quarter of a century to meet the demand for faster and better quality graphics. Some high-end cards now have more processing power and memory than desktop PCs of a few years ago but now NVIDIA has come up with the ultimate graphics solution for those who take their imaging seriously.

The Quadro Plex 1000 is an external graphics processor, 20 times more powerful than anything that has come before and amongst its many talents it can drive multiple monitors and handle up to 80 billion pixel calculations per second. Mind you, it’s a touch pricey, costing the thick end of ten grand so it’s probably out of reach of all but the most well heeled gamers, but it is almost certainly the shape of things to come. Powerful external graphics processors are going to be big, in more ways than one and prices will come down.

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