Review: Fujifilm F30 Zoom

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Fujifilm doesn’t believe that megapixels are a particularly good way of gauging the quality of digital cameras now that we’re rapidly soaring into six, seven and eight megapixels in the compact range. And unless you’re a professional photographer or want to print out you pics in poster sizes, it probably has a good point.

The Fujifilm F30 Zoom is therefore taking a new tack by offering a massive sensitivity of ISO 3200, which is many times greater than most of its rivals and previously unheard of in a compact. With this level of sensitivity, you can happily snap away in those dingy places where people tend to socialise without either the bleaching effect of flash or the blurring effect you can get with long exposures.

GadgetCentre has been trying out one of these cameras and aside from the extremely impressive low-light image quality, they were also very pleased with obscenely long battery life. If the camera has a weakness it is that it is a little unexciting in its other features such as the zoom and LCD viewfinder, but overall it is a very neat digital camera. Click here to read the full review.

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