USRobotics unveils two new Skype certified USB phones


More new Skype-friendly phones, this time from USRobotics, which has unveiled the catchily-named USR809601 USB Internet Phone and the USR809602 USB Internet Mini Phone.

The phones are a halfway house between old-style VoIP handsets and your home phone. Both models plug into an available USB socket and feature enhancements designed to prevent echoes, avoiding the "tunnel" sound that has been a downside to some earlier handsets. An integrated keypad on both phones allows you to place calls to Skype contacts by traditional dialling or speed dial numbers assigned or to traditional phones via SkypeOut. In other words, like using a real phone – but plugged into a PC. The USR809601 also features a high-resolution, blue back-lit LCD screen for contact information and call status.

The USR809601 is available now for around £30, with the more USR809602 Mini Phone retailing for around £25.

USRobotics website

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