TV gives way to new media for a new generation

Broadband, TVs

The younger generation – the 16-24s – are placing less significance on the TV and other traditional media for their entertainment and information, and instead using the Internet.

Maybe not that surprising. The figures aren’t hugely different: 1 hour per day less TV than the average TV viewer, and 15 minutes less radio.

The Ofcom report for 2005 said that ‘the Internet plays a central role in daily life’ for 16-24s, with 70% using social networking sites (compared to 41% of the general Net populous), with 37% contributing to blogs or online message boards.

Part of the increased success is due to the increase in broadband coverage, and a significant decrease in its price. 27% of responders said they now read newspapers less because of their online usage.

Seems to fit well with this Swiss research. Mind you, I can’t see the TV dying out any time soon. I believe some previous research has shown that many people use the Net and watch TV at the same time (I do – who said men can’t multitask)

Andy Merrett
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