Stick Soccer – watch the hours fly by!

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Remember Stick Cricket? It was an infuriatingly addictive cricket game that halted my productivity (no jokes please) and the workrate in many offices round the country, as we all strived to single-handedly beat the Aussies in true Botham ’81 style. Well, work could drop off again – as Stick Sports has released another free online game – Stick Soccer.

It’s available to play now at the Stick Soccer website. Looking (and playing) not a million miles away from console classic Sensible Soccer, you play with an overhead view, with players able to pass, shoot, even sliding tackle and banana kick. But don’t be too zealous with your tackling – there’s yellow and red cards dished out regularly by the virtual ref.

The game has three levels of difficulty and a selection of teams from the World Cup, Champions League, Premiership, La Liga, and Serie A, along with player stats, formations and substitutions.

Any, enough of my rambling – there’s a match to be played!

Stick Soccer website

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