Top 10 spam email subject lines: phishing galore


Internet security firm McAfee have been doing some more research and revealed the top 10 spam email subject lines for July 2006, and surprise, surprise, they’re nearly all about phishing – attempting to steal account information or otherwise extort money.

Here we go:

  1. Message from eBay Member
  2. PayPal Notification
  3. Restore Your Account Access
  4. Chase Online Banking Service
  5. eBay Member [email protected]
  6. eBay Item Not Received Dispute Opened for Item
  7. Question from eBay member
  8. Question from eBay Member
  9. Barclays International informs you
  10. – Account maintenance – Profile Update

It’s a familiar looking list, and tries to exploit using some of the Internet’s biggest services and retailers.

What (printable) email subject lines bug you the most?

Andy Merrett
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