1 in 4 Brits have or want personal web site or blog


New research from domain registrar 1&1 has shown that 25% of the UK population either already own, or want, a personal web site or blog.

Some stats revealed:

  • Over 50% of the men surveyed wanted to create a site about their hobby, compared with 40% of women
  • Around half of all women wanted to create a photo sharing site, compared to 37% of men.
  • Men would publish rants, horse racing tips, health benefits of eating less salt, and football results.
  • Women were interested in creating sites dedicated to sharing and supporting individuals, wedding information, family trees, and travel photos.

Chief Executive at 1&1 Internet, Andreas Gauger, said: "Websites
are fast becoming the way in which individuals interact with the
community, their family and like-minded people. They provide a great
platform for all types of people to communicate."

So, we look forward to a slew of websites devoted to lowering salt intake, horse racing and weddings…

Do you have a personal web site or a blog? What’s your motivation and what range of subjects do you publish?

Andy Merrett
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