Three weeks lost looking for remote controls


It’s amazing how the little things soon build up. Take looking for a remote control – according to a new survey, those brief moments of panic when the remote goes missing eventually add up to three weeks of our lives!

The research, undertaken by Sky for the launch of their new Easy Grip remote control, found that the average telly fan loses the remote an average of 3.4 times a week and spends more than two minutes looking for it each time. That means in the average lifetime, we spend a total of 19 days hunting around for it. And its eventual location might raise a few eyebrows too, including such unlikely spots as the fridge, the toilet, in the washing machine, in the bin or under the bed.

The survey also reveals the "remote control politics" inside the typical British home. Around one third of people have hidden the remote from someone else, while one in five people have thrown it at someone in a fit of ‘remote rage’ – one in five people say they have remote rows every couple of nights, with six per cent admitting most evenings sees them arguing about the remote control.

And why do we get so emotional? It’s mainly down to Vanessa Feltz, Jim Davidson and Big Brother – the celebrities that most make us reach for the remote and the most annoying programme.

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Dave Walker
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