The Lapinator – protect your legs from laptop heat


Laptops can get hot on your lap with prolonged use. And the MacBook more than most – which is a commercial opportunity waiting to happen. Well, the wait is over – here’s the Lapinator.

The Lapinator is available in two sixes, the 13-inch standard model and the 18-inch Lapinator Plus. Both act as a thermal barrier between the laptop and your legs, thanks to a combination of 3M Thinsulate and a cross-linked molded foam bottom. It also comes with stick-on bumpers to raise the back of your laptop for better airflow. And importantly, it’s comfy on your lap.

The lapinator retails in the US for $25 for the 13-inch Lapinator ($25) and $30 for the Lapinator Plus.

Lapinator website

Via Uncrate

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